Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Phoenix Windshield Replacement? Why it's so bad for Phoenix Drivers

Why is Windshield Replacement in Phoenix is so bad?

You probably know it already – if a chip or a crack is longer than a certain size, most inspectors will reject your car when taking it in for the regular inspection. It also makes sense to replace the windshield if cracks or chips are too big and can alter your visibility.

But other than that, how can you tell the difference between a fix and a new unit? When do you actually need to replace the windshield? Some signs are more obvious than others, but a little research will answer your questions.

Lack of a winter season in Phoenix causes more windshield repairs.

The wintertime can be harsh on a windshield. If you have a crack or a chip, chances are it will grow longer because of the cold weather. Salt, ice and snow will all affect it and two inch cracks might become 10 inch cracks by the end of the cold season.

On the other hand, when the weather asks for it, you turn the heating on. The temperature between the inside and the outside will also be hard on the windshield. You have -5 degrees outside and 20 inside – quite a harsh treatment.

You might see people at times using hot water to lose ice on their windshield. While the procedure is quite common, never do it. It can literally crack the glass instantly. If you already have chips and cracks, they will most likely grow in size.

Plus, try to keep your vehicle out of extreme weather conditions as much as possible. If you have to spend time in the morning to defrost the vehicle, you should probably keep it in a garage during the cold months. It will also extend the life of your windshield.

All in all, if the wintertime has taken its toll on your windshield, it is time for a replacement. Luckily there are reputable Phoenix Windshield Replacement Companies.

Auto Glass Chips Make Windshields Crack!

This is quite obvious, yet there are lots of people who actually ask themselves – if it isn't broken, why would I fix it? It is quite obvious – it might break down when you drive or totally out of nowhere. Basically, if a piece of the windshield is missing – no matter how tiny it is, you will need to replace it immediately.

Its integrity is history if a bit is missing. If a small rock hits the windshield at high speeds, it could literally shatter in your face while you drive. Imagine the consequences.

Furthermore, a little hole in the windshield is like an open door for all kinds of insects. You do not want a spider crawling on you as you drive, do you?

Final words

As a short final conclusion, while a repair procedure could sort a problem out for a while, it is not a permanent solution. Sooner or later, you will still have to replace the windshield. However, there are situations that can no longer be delayed with windshield repairs. In the above mentioned cases, it is imperative to change your windshield as quickly as you can.